Westbury Soccer Club has an obligation to our players, coaches and the other HYSA-affiliated clubs to provide qualified referees for all soccer matches. In order to meet that obligation, it is the policy of Westbury Soccer Club that each team participating in our program provide at least one (1) referee qualified and willing to accept assignments as the center referee to matches at the team’s level of competition.

 How do I become a Referee?

The South Texas Soccer Referees website provides information for current and prospective referees, such as:

  • How to become a referee
  • Referee FAQ’s
  • Referee Clinics
  • The Referee Handbook

News, Tips, Forms, Rules, etc…

Which clinic to select?

Grade 9 certification allows you to referee games that the Westbury Referee Assignor assigns. With the Grade 9 certification, you can Assistant Referee- AR (working the lines, with the flags) for U9 through U14 games, and Center U8, U9, and U10 games. It is a very good starting place for the younger and/or less experienced referee. The Grade 9 certification class is one day in duration. I suggest a minimum age of 12 to become a referee, although in exceptional cases, an 11 year old may be ready for the responsibility.

Grade 8 certification allows you to referee all games assigned by the Westbury Referee Assignor, and also games assigned by the HYSA Assignor (Gary Duke). This is a good starting point for an older teen or adult. The class is two days duration.

How does the Referee get Westbury assignments?

Please send an email to The Assignor will collect some information about you and add you to the referee email distribution list. If the referee would like multiple email addresses added (such as including parents’ email addresses) that can be done. All contact for Referee assignments is done by email. Possible assignments for the upcoming weekend are generally offered to the Referee distribution email list on Sundays or Mondays. (Depends on Referee assignor’s schedule!)

To referee HYSA Assigned games (assigned by Gary Duke)

For Centers, you should have at least one year, of referee experience at the Club level, and you should be at least 2 years older than the age group that you are considering refereeing. The older the age group, the better it is to have more experience. HYSA assignments are obtained by VIEWING the schedule, and click on the GotSoccer link, and then emailing Gary Duke with requests. Do NOT self-assign. A good way to start working HYSA games is to AR the U15 and above games.

The difference between Westbury assigned and HYSA assigned games

-Ariel Gurvey is the Westbury (WB) Referee Assignor and handles club-assigned HYSA games at home fields. -U9-U10 games are primarily on Saturday. Centers and Assistant Referees (ARs) are assigned to these games by the WB Referee Assignor. -U11-U14 games are primarily on Saturday. Centers are assigned by the HYSA Referee Assignor (Gary Duke). ARs for U11-U14 home games are assigned by the WB Ref Assignor. -U15-U19 games are primarily on Sunday. All assignments are by the HYSA Ref Assignor. -In-house games are on Sundays

What is the HYSA Quota?

In addition to the referee coverage we provide for home games, each club in HYSA is responsible for working a specific number of referee assignments to fulfill a quota that is based on the number of teams from that club playing in HYSA. None of the games assigned by your club assignor (Ariel) on Westbury fields count toward our HYSA quota. The quota games are assigned by Gary Duke, whose email address is The quota for Westbury in Fall 2013 is 29 assignments. All quota games require a referee to travel to a non-Westbury location. That means you should not request games from Gary Duke scheduled at Bayland or Ron Meek. If we fail to meet our quota, no Westbury team in Division 2 or Division 3 is allowed to advance to Playoffs, regardless of a team’s finish during the regular season. Available games may be viewed from

Achieving our HYSA Quota – Travel Stipend

This season, Spring 2015, our quota is 29 assignments. This means that if any of our teams qualify for playoffs, unless Westbury has accepted a minimum of 29 assignments from the HYSA assignor, Gary Duke, the teams which qualify will not be able to attend playoffs.   To assist you to help us reach our quota, the Club has decided to pay a $10 travel stipend per quota game.   Once we reach our quota for the season, the travel stipend will cease, although you will be free to continue to request assignments at the higher level from HYSA.   It is also our hope that you will enjoy refereeing at the higher levels, and you will continue to improve your refereeing skills, enabling you to referee higher and higher levels of play (which also pay more).   To view available assignments, you’ll need to log into GotSoccer, and view only the possible choices. Then, email Gary Duke with your requests.   Once you fulfill an assignment, please let me know the details so I can make a note. Taking several HYSA assignments from Gary will put you into the Westbury Assignor’s good books.   Youth referees should have the suggestion made by the Westbury Assignor that they are ready for higher level games.

Referee Recertification – every year

All referees need to re-certify their referee badge every year. The recertification for either Grade 9 or Grade 8 is one day. There is usually an upgrade course offered for Grade 9 to Grade 8 which is one day in duration. From 2013, the recertification may be done online. Please see the site (under Clinics) for details.

Referee Development

The Westbury Referee Assignor works with all referees to develop their referee skills at an appropriate rate, for example, starting by working the lines (assistant refereeing) for U9 or U10 games, and Centering for U8 games, to gain some experience prior to Centering U9/U10 games, or working the lines for U11 – U14 games.

Uniform Expectations

All Westbury referees should have the yellow striped shirt with badge affixed, appropriate black shorts, and referee socks. It is not necessary and not suggested to wear soccer cleats while refereeing, although you may choose to do so. Since many youth referees have growing feet, any closed style shoe choice is acceptable (not crocs or sandals). If your feet have stopped growing, then you may consider a professional looking black sports shoe. My expectation is that referees will present a professional appearance on the soccer field. This means having the proper gear. The Referee Assignor will randomly monitor the referees, and assess a $5 penalty to the referee for each game where proper attire is not worn. Socks have been a common offence, and I would like to see everyone dressed correctly.

Rainout Number, will a game be played?

It is the Referee, not the Coach, who decides whether the game is to be played. The Rainout line will inform you if the field is closed due to field conditions (eg, too wet to play); 713 729 6062.   Please refresh your understanding of the lightning policy, which may be found on the HYSA website, under Policy

What if I get sick at the last minute and cannot make my assignment?

It happens to all of us. One minute you are feeling fine, and the next minute you’ve started to spike a 102F fever, and you’ve come down with the flu, or you ate something bad and now you are sick. Give the referee assignor as much notification as possible. You need to communicate that you’ve made the effort to contact the referee assignor, even if you don’t speak in person. Send me an email to or call the designated phone numbers. All these will give a time stamp of when you tried to make contact. Presuming you’ve made an adequate effort, then I won’t fine you. But, if you don’t make a good effort and you don’t show up, then in addition to no pay, I’ll need to assess a $20 fine as well.

Player Card Reminders

Every player on the field must have a laminated player card that includes a photo. If the game card is missing, then advise the coach that the player should not play, or the game will be forfeit. If the Coach insists that player be allowed to play, then describe on the Game Card the deficiency in the Player card(s).

Game Cards

The Coach of the Home Team must present to the referee the Game Card. This is an 8×11 paper that shows the team names, player and Coach information, game information, and so on. The Game Card is your opportunity to report the goals, score, and any extra information on the game (you can describe game cards, or field conditions, etc). It is NOT permitted to write a player’s name on the game card, no extra players who are not on the regular roster are allowed or the game is forfeit.

Player Pass

To assist in player development at the U9 and U10 level, a Player Pass system has been put in place by HYSA. With the Player pass, the player may play with a different team from their regular roster. This is usually done to give the player experience playing with a stronger team, although in some occasions, it may be done for scheduling reasons. A player is allowed to play in only ONE game on any given day. With the player pass, do not write the name on the game report. Instead, submit the Player Pass with the game report in your envelope to Joy Gammon, as described next

After the Game

If you center a game, then you MUST put the game card into the mail, by MONDAY to:   Joy Gammon 11907 Bloomington Meadows Place 77477   No exceptions. If Joy does not receive the game card by Thursday, then Westbury will be fined, and that fine will be passed ($10 per game card) onto you. -Put the game card(s) in an envelope addressed to Joy Gammon (address above). -Put a stamp and return address on the envelope. -Put the envelope in the mail box by Monday so that it will arrive by Thursday. (if you happen to have a way at home to easily copy or scan the game card before you send it that is a bonus, but not mandatory)   Write out Joy’s address and put it on your fridge, so it’s handy.   If you do not feel that you can mail game cards in the required time frame, let me know and I will not assign you as Center.

About refereeing In-House (U7/8)

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the game starts. 1) Blow the whistle loudly. 2) Your job is both to referee and to teach. Explain your calls to the little kids – if they mess up a throw in, explain and give them another try 3) Explain all of your calls, for example, when the ball goes out, in addition to using hand signals, use words too “Blue throw in”, etc. 4) No penalty kicks – starting to call Offside position for U8 5) Do not allow rough play – if a kid starts to play rough, request from the coach that the child sit out for a few minutes, especially no slides 6) Try to keep the games running on time. If you get a late start, cut a minute or 2 from the quarters, and shorten the half time 7) If the weather is hot, give a water break (discuss whether you will do this with the coaches). Water breaks are not half times. The players should be back on the field within a couple of minutes. Blow the whistle loudly if they do not come back quickly. 8) Be patient and gentle with our youngest players. 9) There are no game reports for in-house

Other Expectations

  1. Arrive on time. Half an hour before HYSA games, and at least 15 minutes before in-house games 2) Be a leader. Be confident in your calls. Let your body language suggest attention to the game – don’t slouch. 3) Blow the whistle loudly. It both suggests confidence, and gets the attention of the kids. 4) As an AR, make sure you are even with the second to last defender. I had a discussion with a parent of one of my referees because apparently there was some confusion as to what a ‘defender’ is. A defender includes the goalie. It’s not the people who are playing in the defense or stopper position. Check in with the experienced center or experienced AR if you need to discuss this further. 6) As an AR – make sure that you are stopped, feet planted, when you signal with your flag. 7) Signal your calls with authority. And Centers – don’t just wave your hand to indicate who has a throw in – keep your hand firm and point clearly.


It almost always happens at in-house. Some kid just had their ears pierced, and now they have “studs which cannot be removed”. Either they remove them, or they don’t play. There is no room for discussion. Refer them to the Referee assignor if you need some back-up support.

Assignor’s policy of referee assigning for Westbury

When I set up the referee assignments, I need to balance the age level of the players, the experience of the referees, and I like to assign at least two consecutive games to a referee if possible. I may choose not to give someone an assignment one weekend, and then give 2 or more assignments to that person the subsequent weekend. I know of several families that referee, and I will try to have siblings referee together to help with the chauffeuring needed. And last, although I will accept a sibling or family member AR for a game, only in an emergency situation would I choose to have a sibling/family member as Center for a game. Please let me know if you have a brother/sister/child/cousin, etc playing on a Westbury team. When I send out the request for assignments, please let me know all slots for which you are available, and remind me of any family situation.

Reimbursement for referee clinic

For the 2014-15 season, after the Referee has worked a minimum of five games, then the Club will reimburse the cost of the referee course.   If you allow your badge to expire, and then renew in January after the badge expired at the end of the previous year, then you will pay a penalty fee, and the Club will not reimburse the cost of the penalty. The Club will reimburse the base fee (currently $80). The reimbursement will occur at the end of the season, (either spring or fall) along with the referee pay.

Reimbursement for Uniform

One time only – the Club will reimburse the referee the cost of a uniform/kit, to a maximum of $50, after the referee has worked a minimum of five games. The reimbursement for uniform will be at the end of the season, along with the pay.

How often are referees paid by Westbury?

Westbury Soccer Club pays within two weeks of the end of the season, after each referee has confirmed their assignments with the referee assignor. The assignor will send a verification email to each referee. Your prompt reply will help speed the process of getting paid.

How does Westbury pay?

U7-U8 In-House (Kolter) U9-U10 (Parker, Herod) U11-U12 (Ron Meek) U13+ (Bayland)
Center $20.00 Center $25.00 AR $15.00 Center HYSA


AR $20.00 Center HYSA


AR $22.50


Referee Registration

Please Visit the South Texas Soccer Referees website.


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